Carcoar has an eclectic mix of interesting boutique, art and antique shops. The village centre comes alive on weekends with locals and tourists all enjoying the unique range of shopping, art and antiques on offer; a haven for curio hunters, culture buffs and those in need of some unique retail therapy.

Browse the listings below for opening hours of galleries and boutique shops.

20th Century Toy Museum

This is a such a welcome surprise – such a collection as you will never see anywhere else in Australia. Collected with loving care over many years, a visit is a must for children and for all us adults with any sense of nostalgia.

The Toy Museum is located in the old CBC bank building and houses a collection of over 2000 toys in the five downstairs rooms that used to comprise the Banking Chamber and associated offices.The collection spans the era from the First World War right through to modern times – from Betty Boop, Dan Dare and Sad Sack to the Simpsons, Japanese Anime and Mr Blobby.

The Museum is open 11am to 5pm Wednesday to Sunday during the Spring and Autumn tourist seasons.

a. Tomolly

The fabulous Tomolly store which prospered for so long in Millthorpe is now centre stage in Carcoar – the most intact historic village in Australia.
Open Thursday to Sunday, long weekend and by appointment.
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Carcoar Pottery

b. Carcoar Pottery

Open Weekends 10.30am – 4pm
Specialising in personalised pottery for every occasion. Domestic pottery from casseroles to carafes and everything in-between. Ornamental pottery from figurative animals to money pots and vases to platters.
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c. The Rustic Flamingo

As well as selling Retro and Vintage items in excellent condition, I handmake unique and quirky Upcycled jewellery, homewares and hand wright my own signs follow me on Instagram and Facebook
Open every Thursday to Sunday 10am to 4pm (except Saturday I open 12 noon to 4pm). I also open all public holidays (except Christmas)
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Carmanhurst Military Museum

Located in the School of Arts building in Icely Street, in what used to be the projectionist’s room when a cinema, is a collection of war memorabilia. The collection is managed by the Lyndhurst RSL Sub-Branch. Open by appointment, please phone.

Court House Museum

Fully restored, magnificent cedar interior, and quality museum depicting the Carcoar of yesteryear. Much favoured film set has appeared in a number of movies due to the quality and authenticity of its restoration.

Stoke Stable and Carcoar Court House Museums are open from mid morning to 4.00pm on weekends, Public Holidays and by arrangement on other occasions.

EnviroMio Medallions

Carcoar is the home of EnviroMio Medallions. Events throughout Australia get their medals designed here by local artists, and they are then produced and supplied by EnviroMio. Everything from the Northern Territory Athletics Championships to the famous Cadbury Marathon in Tasmania.
Carcoar never ceases to surprise, so if you have an event that needs medals. please contact Andrew Baulch on 02 6367 3290

Stoke Stable Museum

One of the oldest buildings in Carcoar, crammed full of interesting stuff.

Stoke Stable and Carcoar Court House Museums are open from mid morning to 4.00pm on weekends, Public Holidays and by arrangement on other occasions.